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Louise Noel Howes

The big Nevada skies, the rainbow of the Sierra mountains,

The huge palette of summer flowers lend inspiration to her paintings.  The incredible color and reflected brilliance of silk painting engages the eye and connects to the heart.

Louise brings her background in design and fiber arts, mixes it with her love of whimsy and color, and lets the silk and dyes mesh in vibrant abandon.  Her designs are drawn from her love of the life on the Eastern slope of the Sierras, and are brimming with the excitement of a world seen  through hopeful eyes. 

The brilliance of her paintings  immediately  catches the eye, but it is the story within  that tends to hold the viewer.  Bold Tahoe landscapes,  serene Carson Valley  pastures, free running horses, yearning hands all are subjects of her work.

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'Free Range'

Silk Painting

18 x 24



'Coffee House'

Silk Painting

20 x 14





Silk Painting

14 x 20



'Joined Up'

Silk Painting

12 x 12



'All the Wild Horses'

OSilk Painting

19 x 14


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